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Plastic Prototyping Services

Bringing Your New Products to the Market Faster

Advanced Prototyping manufactures intricate, precision plastic prototype parts as well as large full scale 3D plastic part models. Need it produced fast? API can start with your idea, work with a detailed 2D drawing or use our complex 3D CAD system to generate prototypes. With a variety of rapid prototyping options at our facility such as SLA and SLS, we have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to support your plastic prototyping needs. Our entire operation is built around "speed" featuring our Secure INSTANT QUOTE System.

Rapid Plastic Prototyping - Minimizing the Costs to Market Plus

We have witnessed a tremendous growth of plastic products in many different markets with increasing usage projected for the future. At the same time, total costs to get new products to market have skyrocketed. To minimize these high product development cycle costs, prototyping is now a must. Product prototyping helps make the modifications and fixes on a product long before the final product is ready for mass production. Now, rapid prototyping services or 3D printing are used in nearly every industry and can be used to create everything from an plastic automotive interior panels to movie props. 3D printing of functional prototypes is a powerful tool for product developers and engineers to evaluate and communicate their designs while aiding in the design of rapid tooling.

Our 3D plastic prototypes begin with a design from modeling or CAD software. Our 3D printing equipment interprets the CAD data and lays down or "prints" consecutive layers of liquid, powder, or sheet material that build-up the 3D plastic model from a series of cross sections. The prototype layers that match up to the virtual cross section from the CAD model, are automatically fused together to generate the final product shape.


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Plastic part designs can be supplied via the Secure Online Quote System found at the top right of this page, in STL 3D CAD Model format.


The following are typical plastic materials that we use. For custom blends and other materials, call API and we'll find the appropriate specialty prototyping material for your project.

SLA - Stereolithography

SLA/Rigid - Accura-55 White

Simulate the look and feel of molded ABS with this tough and versatile plastic.

  • Automotive interior plastic parts
  • Short-run production parts
  • Electronic plastic parts
  • Testing of functional assemblies
  • Rigid and durable functional rapid prototypes
  • Concept and marketing models
  • Accurate, durable master patterns for urethane casting

SLA/Rigid - Accura-25 White

Flexible plastic to simulate and replace CNC machined white polypropylene articles. Accura® 25 produces durable plastic prototypes that are ideally suited for automotive design verification and functional testing.

SLA/Flexible - DSM-9120 Amber/Milky

Robust, accurate epoxy resin for stereolithography. SLA parts created with Somos® 9120 exhibit superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention, and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces.

SLA/Rigid - DSM-10122 Clear

DSM Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 is a next generation optically clear resin with ABS like properties and good temperature resistance. In SLA rapid prototyping, it produces colorless, functional, accurate parts that simulate acrylic in appearance. Based on the Oxetane Advantage™, the parts also have improved water resistance over the original WaterClear 10120 resin. WaterClear Ultra is a fast, low viscosity, general-purpose resin.

SLS - Selective Laser Sintering

DuraForm PA Nylon 12:

This material produces SLS parts with excellent stiffness, heat resistance, surface appearance, and finish. For functional engineering plastic models. Patterns for secondary tooling processes where a durable master pattern is required.

DuraForm PA Glass-Filled Nylon 12:

This material is filled with 25% glass and produces SLS parts with extra stiffness, heat resistance, surface appearance, and finish. Excellent surface quality, outstanding feature definition (0.75mm/0.030in), machinable, heat, and chemical resistant, may be joined mechanically or with adhesives. This material is stable, no long-term creep. Parts buff to high gloss with wet sanding.

Advanced Prototyping - Bringing Your Plastic Part Concepts to Reality with Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing.

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