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Nylon Parts 3D Printing Service

Nylon Parts Selective Laser Sintering

SLS Rapid Prototyping - Parts in a Fraction of the Time Versus Conventional Prototyping

Advanced Prototyping's 3D Systems Sinterstation® SLS (selective laser sintering) systems directly produce end-use parts, tooling inserts, or casting patterns from your 3D CAD data files. Eliminate the need for machining, tooling, casting or other secondary processes and save time and money. This system uses fusible powder and directed laser heat to build and fuse the prototype, layer by layer. Materials include EOS PA 2200 Nylon 12. Below is a brief description of PA 2200 Nylon 12, as well as a link to the specification page which gives the exact properties of Nylon material used in selective laser sintering.

Intelligent Thermal Control System for Consistent SLS 3D Printing Quality

This core technology accurately monitors build temperatures throughout the build volume, automatically calibrating on a layer-by-layer basis, resulting in extraordinary quality SLS parts with highly consistent mechanical properties throughout the part geometry.

Prototype Development
3D Printing

Additive manufacturing - Upload your model via the Secure Online Quote System found at the top right of this page, in STL 3D CAD Model format.

SLS 3D Printing Features:

Produced selective laser sintered parts with intricate and or complex geometries, limited accessibility, strong materials

Consistent part quality

  • Producing consistent parts, today and tomorrow
  • Meeting the needs of rapid prototype manufacturing
  • Material Qualification Station

Reduced costs in prototype development

  • Improved material recycling yields
  • Ensure constant and repeatable Powder Quality
  • Environmentally friendly

SLS 3D Printing Applications:

  • Complex plastic prototypes and end-use parts
  • Complex tooling, parts, and prototypes
  • Complex investment casting patterns
  • Flexible, functional parts with rubber-like performance characteristics

You can download these SLS Material Data Sheets for more information:

EOS PA 2200 Nylon:
This material produces SLS parts with excellent stiffness, heat resistance, surface appearance, and finish. For functional engineering plastic models. Patterns for secondary tooling processes where a durable master pattern is required.

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