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Custom Urethane Parts

Urethane Castings

Stronger, wear-resistant, tougher, versatile. These features of cast urethane parts are important advantages over parts made of conventional elastomers and plastics in a variety of industry applications. This is why the urethane casting process has been used in rapid prototyping for years.

In parts production, a wide range of design and technical challenges can be overcome with polyurethane elastomer products. This is due to urethane's unique combination of engineering properties allowing urethane to be substituted for many other rubbers and plastics with better results.

Urethane Castings
Urethane Castings
Urethane Castings

Email us your cad file at and we will be happy to get you a urethane part quote. Please note which material you desire and quantity.

Advanced Prototyping manufactures custom urethane parts from silicone molds, using a master prototype to develop the mold. This master prototype can be a part that you supply or a SLA prototype (stereolithography) which has been created from a 3D CAD drawing. The urethane liquid is mixed and injected into the silicone mold using the RIM (reaction injection molding) process inside a vacuum chamber.

With the flexibility of the silicone, reverse draft, inserts, and undercuts are more easily dealt with than in the injection molding process. Silicone molds are capable of reproducing tremendous detail. Urethane casting provides fast turnaround. After curing, the mold is used to create cast urethane prototypes of your design. Urethane part delivery is approximately 2 weeks.

Urethane Casting Features:

  • High Quality
  • Lower Upfront Tooling Costs
  • Excellent Small Detail Definition
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Multiple Materials Available
  • 25 Pieces Per Mold

Part designs can be supplied via the Registration/Login system found at the top right of this page, in any of the following 3D CAD Model formats:

  • STL
  • STP
  • IGES
  • CATIA Unigraphics

Advanced Prototyping has made prototype parts for aircraft, submarines, offshore oil rigs, cars, cell phones, toys, perfume bottles, milk containers, juice bottles, computers, blood pumps, tie clips, fishing lures, and many more products.


  • Automotive
  • Medical Instruments/Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Aerospace/Military

Urethane Part Design and Engineering:

Unigraphics Modeling (advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software)

Materials are available with various specifications.

Bring Advanced Prototyping your urethane part challenge and let us provide a cast solution that will exceed your expectations.