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CMM Inspection Services - 3D Scanning - Reverse Engineering

Accurately manufactured parts are important to you; an absolute must. Advanced Prototyping offers a comprehensive range of in-house CMM and mechanical inspection services. Our team follows industry quality standards and can perform comprehensive CMM inspections, 3D scanning, and reverse engineering services when requested. Cut time & cost with part validation. Characteristics of our CMM inspection services:

  • Determine if parts exceed your CMM’s measurement capabilities.
  • Save time & money by switching from mechanical to automated methods.

Our experienced team of CMM inspection experts provide you with accuracy & efficiency of three contact CMMs. Our focus is on precision and quality for a variety of industries: aerospace, automotive, plastics, foundry, and industrial.

Faro Arm-Quantum


Using FARO® Quantum® FaroArm® measurement speed and ergonomics taking our CMM inspection to a greater level.

The FARO 8-Axis Quantum system combines the portable Quantum FaroArm (or ScanArm) with a functionally integrated, yet physically separate, 8th axis.

The 8th axis is a complete rotational axis that provides a natural extension of FaroArm capability. It plugs directly into the Quantum FaroArm and results in a seamlessly integrated, high-accuracy additional axis.

Parts can be rotated in real-time relative to the Arm – meaning no difficulty reaching around the object and no need to move the Arm to different locations during the measurement process.

This results in improved measuring speed, reach, and user-friendliness, offering an easy-to-use solution that allows us to focus on the actual measurement and not on the measurement processes.

Serving the United States with state-of-the-art CMM inspection services, 3D scanning, and reverse engineering services.