SLA/SLS Prototypes in 1 to 3 Days
Other Rapid Prototypes in 7 to 10 Days
Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing Services

Bring Your New Products to the Market Faster with Rapid Prototyping

Depending on your part requirements, API will use the process that best emphasizes the characteristics that you need. We can produce rapid prototype parts of the same design with several variations or duplicates of the same part. The rapid prototypes can emphasize strength, durability, aesthetics, and moving elements. All of this helps to shorten your design cycle.

3D Designs can be supplied in any of the following formats:

  • 3D CAD model in STL
  • 3D CAD model in STP
  • 3D CAD model in IGES
  • 3D CAD model in CATIA
  • 3D CAD model in Unigraphics

Types of Rapid Prototype Applications:

  • Automotive Interior Parts and Exterior Trim
  • Automotive Engine and Powertrain Components
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Instruments
  • Aerospace Parts and Components

Rapid Prototyping Needs:

  • Individual or Family of Parts
  • Same Design, Several Variations
  • Multiples of the Same Designs
  • Strength and Durability
Rapid Prototyping Quotes

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Selective Laser Sintering "SLS"

3D Systems' Sinterstations use fusible powder and directed laser heat to build and fuse the prototype layer-by-layer in the SLS process.


Unifilled (Nylon12), Glass Filled (Nylon12)


  • Sinterstation 2500-
  • Sinterstation 2500 plus-


The SLS process is capable of producing prototype parts with intricate or complex geometry's limited accessibility, semi-flexible, thin walled geometry or high heat deflection.

3D Systems - Stereolithography "SLA"


  • SLA/Rigid-ACCURA 25 White
  • SLA/Rigid-ACCURA 55 White
  • SLA/Flexible-DSM 9120 Amber/Milky
  • SLA/Rigid-DSM 10122 Clear


  • SLA- iPro 8000
    Size Capacity: 26"x30"x21"
  • SLA-5000
    Size Capacity: 20"x20"x 24"
  • 2-SLA-250's
    Size Capacity: 10" Cube


These SLA systems are capable of producing rapid prototype parts with high detail and accuracy.

SLA Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing Services - iPro-8000 - 3D Systems

Urethane Castings

API manufactures urethane parts from silicone molds, using a master prototype to develop the mold. The urethane liquid is mixed and injected into the silicone mold using the RIM process inside a vacuum chamber.

  • High Quality
  • Small Details
  • Multiple Colors
  • Muiltiple Materials
  • 25 Pieces per Mold
  • Quick 2-3 Week Delivery to Spokane, WA

Rapid Prototype Design & Engineering

Unigraphics Modeling

Our rapid prototyping customers include General Motors, Boeing, NASA, Chrysler, Ford, Anderson, American Axle, BASF, Behr, and hundreds of other medium to small size companies. Art and engineering colleges across the country also use API. Advanced Prototyping has made prototype parts for aircraft, submarines, offshore oil rigs, cars, cell phones, toys, perfume bottles, milk containers, juice bottles, computers, blood pumps, tie clips and fishing lures just to name a few.

Whether you're the biggest corporation in the world or an individual with an idea, you will get the same attention, personal service, and quality work that companies have come to expect from Advanced Prototyping.

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